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Your choice of beef or chicken, served with chips...


 Bosveld Burger $22.00 
 Tangy cheese slice and crispy bacon.  
 Hawaiian Burger $22.00 
 Tangy cheese slice and a grilled pineapple ring.  
 Cheddarmelt Burger $25.00 
 Tangy cheese slice and creamy mushroom sauce.  
 Hippo Burger with Cheese Sauce $30.00 
 Double patty burger. Served with cheese sauce.  
  Hippo Burger with Cheddamelt Sauce $32.50 
  Double patty burger. Served with cheddamelt sauce.  
 For the Vege Lovers.....  
 Spiced Vege Burger $22.00 
 Vege burger patty, with mushrooms, potato,pumpkin, spinach, onion, and flavoured with spices. Served with chips.