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The Serengeti is a game sanctuary which stretches from Tanzania into Kenya in East Africa. It is the last remaining true example of mass migration of large wildlife left on earth. It has become famous for the migration of the wildebeest, zebra and other buck herds which constantly move from one extreme of this reserve to the other with the seasons that provide new grazing and perfect breeding grounds. The nomadic Maasai people live on this land with the wild animals and also move from place to place to find new grazing for their many cattle and other livestock. The word "Serengeti" is a Maasai word meaning the place where the land goes on forever or endless plain. This haven also encompasses Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Our Serengeti mural was painted by South African artist and film maker, Don Guy who along with his father was instrumental in wildlife conservation and the TV programme 50/50 which educated Southern African people on the benefits of preserving Africa's animals.

Africa's rich history, diverse cultures and ethnic groups have been largely influenced by the slave trade, settlers and colonialism which in turn influenced the taste of Africa.

Although most slaves were taken from Africa, there were also slaves and labourers brought into Africa by the colonial powers. These included people from Malaysia, brought as slaves by the Dutch to South Africa in 1655, they became known as the Cape Malays. Many Indians migrated to the Natal province in South Africa during the 1860's as contract labourers in the sugar plantations. There were also Indians, who from early history traded and settled in the West African coastal areas and the East Coast of Africa including on the spice island of Zanzibar. These people brought their own highly spiced, tasty ethnic recipes with them.

When you add the various settler and colonialist influences, Africa becomes a cauldron of culinary influences. The Afrikaner, descendent of the Dutch who arrived at the Cape in 1652 and the French Huguenots, blended their cuisines into truly individualistic African recipes.

The Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique, Germans in Namibia, Belgians in the Congo, British in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and elsewhere, the French in the East all played a part in the history and taste of Africa. The recipes eventually blended into the fantastic diversity that is African cooking. We hope to bring you a taste of Africa right here in New Zealand.

At Serengeti we would like all our customers to receive accommodating, friendly and top class service. With the various dietary restrictions and allergies that affect people, we will do our best to provide you with a tasty meal. Our sauces and basting are made from scratch by our chefs but do contain some pre-packaged ingredients which may contain traces of unspecified allergens. Please inform our manager of your special needs prior to ordering.

We hope you enjoy your meal and your experience at Serengeti. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the food or service, please inform us immediately so that we can make a plan and fix it

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